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Remove china apps from your Android phone


Remove china apps

Today everyone trolling about know how to remove china apps from their smartphone. It does not matter that their phone old or new.

While buying our new smartphone, every time we have seen that there 100 numbers of Android apps already available.

So does it not matter of concern?

Yes, it is.
So first let’s drive about the highlight section of the blog post- Remove china apps from your Android phone


Highlight- Remove china apps

After the passage, I have added some of the basic points that are accountable to preview-

To who is going to help more, What kinds of Android apps you can remove from your phone including with brand name?

  • Very first when you buy your new smartphone at the point of time when you go to unlock their box, and after first boot, your Android phone, you get some of the undesirable installed apps.

Especially in china’s phone like- Redmi, Xioami, Poko, and also other brands listed there.

So here, in this blog post especially focusing on the China brand phone because there has thousand of bug with their phone like unwanted apps, 

Most of us don’t understand what these apps do, and some of unuseful.

So today here in this blog post, I‘ll guide you on how to remove china’s apps from your Android phone. Just by following a few simple steps.

  • Below have shared some of the Youtube video’s link that is accountable to earn confidence, How the process works to remove china’ android apps from your android apps?
  • During the step process have linked two software to download in computer or Laptop, with help of you will able to remove all Android china apps. The software size is quite small and operation so fast to remove.
  • With the help of included both apps, you will able to make your phone more comfortable and faster than the previous as it was.
  • And, also there you have the opportunity to get back your android removed apps if by chance you did a mistake.


On the internet thousand of methods available thought to remove china apps, but I have tried them and most of them not work properly. And besides demands to download and install additional apps inside your smartphone.

Keep away from such things. Before processing the suggested step process if you have any dilemma. So without any confusion first check below linked youtube video to how to remove china apps.

Requirement to remove china apps

To remove your china android apps it does not have any specific demand. As above in the blog post, have declared that this process is quite simple and quick. So let’s preview about their basic need.

  • Download and install both apps to remove china apps.
  • Enable your phone developer mode.
  • Enable USB debugging mode.
  • Data cable.

Step process to remove china apps

Before introducing the china apps remover tutorial, I have applied this method twice to myself self and it has worked very fine. And, non of the android apps were there that I could not remove.

So before initializing the step process hold your 20 minutes to remove china apps.

And, make a note while processing the below step process don’t try to skip any step otherwise, the process will not able to complete their task properly.

So let’s begin the process of how to remove china apps from your android phone?

Download and install software

Here below, you can see two software links. So download both of them to install. It is not predecided to which one first go to install into your system( Computer and Laptop). 

So go to install one by one and don’t try to install both applications together, doing such things may occur some system software problem and your application does not work properly.

Enable Android developer mode

Most of us we familiar that How to enable Android developers mode? Those who are not familiar let’s preview how to enable?

Go to your Android phone setting gair symbols. Inside the setting, you can view about the phone on the first top.

So tab on it to open, and now tab 7 or 6 times to your UI  version. So after a few times, you will receive a pop-up message that your developer has enabled. 

Enable Android debugging mode

After enabling the Android developer mode, go back to the home page of setting, and there you get an additional setting inside it to go to enable Android debugging mode by push button.
And, if you face any difficulty thought searching the debugging mode. So go to the top for the search box and there type debugging mode. 

Remove China apps

Now, this is the last step of “How to remove default china apps from your Android phone”. 

Go to pic up your data cable to insert together into your phone & computer, and there you will receive the notification into your phone with three additional settings. 

So among them, go to choose to debug option, and click on ok.

Now next, go to the tab to open your computer or Laptop installed Android phone software to remove china apps.

After the first preview of the system apps, it may take some time to configure your Android phone with a computer. So just after few times, your all Android apps visible into the system.

So click on them one by one, and click on to uninstall.

And, in last after uninstalling all unnecessary Android apps go to safely unplug your Android phone from Pc to go for restart your phone.

Video default Android apps remover

Above during the step process, I have included all significant information regarding how to uninstall china apps from your Android phone.

However, to make you more comfortable here have included a youtube video.

And while following the video you will have the opportunity to interact with the above-included step process also.

Conclusion- Remove china apps

So in this blog post, I have included most of the significant points which is important to include here to make it more comfortable to those who are uncomfortable with china’s Android apps.

And most of all included points I have experienced from my self.

Hence, driving the blog post top to bottom, if you connect with any disputed points. So go to connect with the comment box section to get a revert to resolve your issues.

Thanks, and keep connected with us Https://howentertain.com

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